Jude Celestin advocate for murder

The Truth - November 20 2010, 8:44 AM

On november 17,2010 there was a social party in port au prince where Herold Jean pierre were attending.

during the course of the party the two party goers were approached by Janmarc Dufanel who then sparked conversation.The conversation escalated at the moment because janmarc was under the influence herold was trying to calm him down to de escalate the conforntation, janmarc became inflamed and as security approach him he pulled out his gun and fired and herold was hit and died instantly.Now janmarc is resting comfortably at the jail awaiting for his family who went to haiti to campaign for Jude Celestin so now they're trying to use thier politcal power and money to get HIM OUT ON MURDER IN THE UNITED STATED WHEN YOU COMMIT MURDER YOU ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOU ACTIONS...So is Herold life not important...JUDE CELESTIN FOR PRESIDENT ADVOCATE FOR MURDER

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