Minustah and Preval: BUTT OUT!!!

Marjorie Middy - November 15 2010, 5:11 PM

SANCO Haiti a company offers services to the Minustah (U.N. contingent in charge of keeping peace in Haiti, a company with Ms. Elizabeth D. Preval as the major stockholder of the Company.

Mrs. Preval reportedly amassed fabulously large amount of money.

Mrs. Preval bought a 2 million-dollar home with funds from the Nation where millions live in misery.

SANCO Haiti, the First Lady have been questioned regarding their policy of human excrements from a Nepalese UN based into the Artibonite River.

It is suspected this could be the source of the cholera pandemic that is affecting Haiti.

It looks like that SANCO simply dumped fecal extrements into the river without any chemical treatment of the waste as established by their service contract.

Besides health issues and countless of deaths, it appears that Minustah is unofficially supporting the official candidate, Jude Celestin.

It is believed that their is corruption that the first lady and Minustah workers albeit that higher ranks Minustah officials have not been proven to be involved.

People doubt fair and free election will take place even with the presence of OAS/CARICOM election observation team to ensure the electoral process is free and fair.
To be fair, Mrs. Preval is a major stockholder but is she involve in every day operation of SANCO?

Who is the operation Manager?

What is her role in SANCO beyond the stockholder status?

Minustah, what is their role in the Artibonite River fiasco?

What were they supposed to do in did not do?

I do understand OSHA in America is very big and strictly followed.

Is there a similar health hazard control in Haiti?

If SANCO found liable, what are the legal ramifications for Haitians?

Will it be a collective class A lawsuit against SANCO.

If so, who will be the dream team to make sure that Haitians have some social justice?

Above legal liability, what if the dumping in Artibonite River was some cynical plot to control the up coming election through some national crisis?

If so, how will we deal with this issue?

We need answers
We need to act fast
It is about that we protect our people from unnecessary harms.

We are good and productive people.

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Marcy Paul says...

Let us hope they get what they deserve and the Haitians will get some kind of peace of mind and dignity. more »