Very good Elsie: The Chinese can't have all the factories and...

Marjorie Middy - November 15 2010, 4:05 PM

Very good Elsie: The Chinese can't have all the factories and the opportunities.

Haiti should be ready and able to accept factories to create more jobs in the country...

Haitians who don't know the reality of Haiti are too ready to jump in for generic social issue du jour without taking into account the true Haitian social problems.

U.S. too should let the Haitian people decide their own plights with no interference.

U.S. needs to crunch in their numbers to understand that the proximity of Haiti to them might be an advantage over China.

We are closer to sea ports and can deliver a lot faster.

If they truly want to help, they would help us get an edge over the manufacturing business first and second the agriculture rehab.

We are tired of accepting charity with a high price tag and string attached.

They have our economie by the b at lls and we need a breather.

We understand our role as a small agrarian country.

But GOD, Have some mercy!! We are human beings too, you know.

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ki sa aristid te fe pou haiti. se vole li te vole epi...


eske mass la pral vote baker

my friends call me crazy they told me that mass la pap vote baker cause he was against aristide what do u think

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