Hi Ms Im from haiti in the countryside I spent...

Elsie - November 15 2010, 12:15 PM

Hi Ms
Im from haiti in the countryside I spent approxin=matelly 7 years au cap and move to P. au Prince where I enrolled in 2 different school While I was a recalle in retho.

I was still in the school and admit in philo.

I visited a lot of places in haiti not to said I know all haiti I probably can said I know over on third of haiti.Its mean the haitian reality I know it.

I'm not someon that raise in U.S and think that i can argue about a country I barely Know. and beside My family not so educate always talk about the evenment that they were witness just to let you know that Tiba can not tell me what to do.He is an open mind even thought I'm not agree when He call the poeple allucinated.

But sometimes I can agrre with him of course i would like to see baker president so my family can go and begg for their job again.They did not work for government they did work fo overseas factory.

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Good Elsie, than you should follow Tiba's idea. He is...


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