Haiti, who the hell cares? let us not encourage job creation...

Haiti Echo - November 13 2010, 4:58 PM

Haiti, who the hell cares?

let us not encourage job creation.

Work is not that important anyway.

If work was good the rich would have grabbed it a long time ago. Besides, we have too much to worry about.

Those doctors are killing us with their prescriptions and malicious medical care. Our kids will not know if they are boys or girls.

We all will die of cancer, diarrhea, HIV or tuberculosis.

What is left of the survivors will be taken by the Minustah or some other international entities.

If that is not enough, natural disasters will do Haiti in anyway.

Oh well, The international communities are suckers for giving us financial Aid anyway.

We don't have to work, what for?

those bleeding hearts will always come to our rescue.

When we have enough of them, we can always call them names and demand for their departure from Haiti.

Until the next storm or political turmoil.

We will call for help and of course these poor suckers from abroad will come to give us help again and again and again...

Yes, we have an idea, since everything is all gloom and doom. Haiti will never change anyway.

Let's give our brother Jude Celestin a chance to put some money in his pocket.

Let's give him a chance to fill up his pocket and that of his friends.

Hey, what's a brother for?

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News? where is the news part? That was always the...

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