What is the point of your argument? I merely mentioned one...

Mena Moreau - November 12 2010, 6:56 PM

What is the point of your argument?

I merely mentioned one somewhat quasi document on Aristide.

There are other sources.

People can start with the internet, there are countless of books and articles about Aristide made by both Haitians and non-Haitians alike.

You win, Nadege.

You argue just to argue.

I don't have the time nor the inclination with someone like you. If you are so hell-bent on educating the haitian public, why don't you give them all sides of an issue, then let them decide for themselves what the best alternatives are. Just don't shove one angle of an argument than beat them over the head if they don't agree with you. The public is not your child or your pet that you only want them to have YOUR point of view.
Peace out.

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Despite the propaganda piece you just named here...


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Then post the credible sources or go away. Peace out.

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