Your Proganda Is Not Fact - It's Propaganda

Nadege - November 12 2010, 3:33 PM

Listen to you - you sound like a true dumb ass. Your words are based on pure ignorance and nothing else. You are a disgrace and an idiot.

No matter how much you believe the nonsense that has been fed to you, it's simply untrue, and as a Haitian, you should be ashamed.

One of the main purposes of the UN occupation of Haiti is to destroy the Famni Lavalas movement, which is highly concentrated in Cite Soleil and Bel Air. The UN has been murdering, kidnapping, and imprisoning Lavalas members since they invaded the country, so stop lying to yourself and go find a life and an education.

You have the ultimate right to oppose a politician and or party, but let it based on their actions and not based on propaganda.

FACT: Aristide has done more for Haiti than every other president combined.

FACT: Haiti's illiteracy rate dropped because of Aristide.

Go talk this crap to the countless of elderly people who learned how to read because of the literacy programs that Aristide implemented during the little time he spent in office.

Fact: Aristide attempted many times to raise the sweatshop minimum wage that your boy Baker worked hard against - along with many of his fellow Group 184 members.

FACT: The Aristide Foundation for Democracy is schooling thousands of Haitian children, and providing thousands of people psychological care after they were left vulnerable due to the earthquake.

FACT: The 2003 Ottawa Initiative on Haiti was all about removing Aristide from power.

The US cut off relations and aid with the Aristide government as a way of crippling the government, and when he refused to leave, they kidnapped him. If Aristide was working for the UN, then he, like Preval who is actually working for the UN, would have been in Haiti right now, NOT in South Africa against his will.

Let me know if you're willing to accept more facts, or if you're willing continue to wallow in your cocoon of willful ignorance and accept propaganda as YOUR truth.

This is fact, and too bad I can't say the same for the crap that you're spewing on these threads.

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