what makes mrs. manigat more qualified?

Mena Moreau - November 12 2010, 10:11 AM

Besides that Mrs. Manigat was a teacher and got sympathy from former students and that she is a female, different than the usual males who normally run for this job. Can you people think this is enough to run a country?

I suggest that you think seriously about the future of Haiti.

Mirlande Manigat has the background to run a excellent social program or a very good all-girl-school.

But running for presidency is a little to far fetched.

Mr. Baker on the other hand, has all the qualifications, personality and perseverance to seriously manage this poor country to the elevation of a comfortable country.

Come on people, do not vote on emotions, vote on pragmatics.

Haiti will thank you
Haitian children will thank you
Vote Charles-Henri Baker for a healthier Haiti

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