Madame Manigat: I do have great sympathy and admiration for...

Marjory Middy - November 10 2010, 11:26 PM

Madame Manigat: I do have great sympathy and admiration for you as a person and as a female.

You are a great inspiration to women around the world that there is much more to life than raising kids and creating a family although vital for the foundation of a country.

Life does not end there.

You do have a no-nonsense approach to fashion and body grooming.

Like you, I don't care for westerns and science-fictions either.

There is one more I don't like -- Pulp fictions, too much blood and meaningless actions.

I can relate on the Gregorian chants.

I have all of them. They are soul-searching and soothing.

However can't relate with the classics, my parents used to push them too much...I am surprised that you did not mentioned "Les Chansonettes Francaises popular in the 60's and 70's.
I can see you dancing to the tunes of "Saturday Night Fever" in the 70's.
At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, I can't relate to Latino musics.

The theme is often about boy-lose-girl-found-girl or unless the songs are socio-political, the latter I can relate to.
J'adore Emeline Michel, RAM, Emerante de Pardines, Azor et Bookman Experience.

Oh, Madame Manigat! "Agatha Christie", really?

I would not have guessed it. This one goes to your inner child, I hope.
I profoundly understand your stand on social injustice and the government role. As a woman, it echoed much more afar. Golda Mahir has always been my female model.She is no-nonsense.

I will make it a point to read your books, especially, Etre Femme en Haiti, Hier, et Aujourd'hui. Le regard des Constitutions, des Lois et de la Societe.

You glossed over your career in France, Trinidad and Venezuela but you did not tell us exactly in what capacity and for how long.
The question of inequality is so blatant in Haiti, none can ignore this one even if you wanted to. Mrs. Manigat, how do you plan to solve this issue?

and which method of measurement will you pick and for how long?

How will you measure efficiency?

Which segment of the population will you start with and why?

I know you love the youth.

Most people focused on them for obvious reasons: They are the majority of the country and basically they are the backbone to any sustainable economic development plan and the future of the country.

Can't afford to neglect them. How will you help them?

Do you have a developed plan of action for them?

if so, what is it?

You said that you wanted competent and honest people.

Will you find them by word-of-mouth, by reputation?

How do you plan to find them?

and how will you measure their honesty.

competency will be a much easier task.
Every one wants to tap in the diaspora to help Haiti.

Great idea. but how will yours will be different that of the others?.

What is that special ingredient from your plan?

You know, again, all candidates talk about education, health care, double or multiple nationality, immigration, emigration etc...I think the specifics and the logistics are more important here. Help us understand how is yours will be better and different.

I am surprised that I did not see a tangible economic development plan and job creations from you.
How about population growth?

how will you addressed it?

How about the peasants?

How do you plan to help them cultivate the land and how would you help them be competitive?

How would plan you lessen importation of foodstuffs so the local products can be sold?

How do you proposed to negotiate unfair competition vis-a-vis the peasants and industrialists like the U.S.?


How can you help the Haitian peasants transport their produce to the market place?

Short of building new roads.

Will you favor exportation of our fruits, like mangoes?

If so, How and why?

Our rice is so politicized...,Do you have a plan?

What do you intend to do about it?

Do you have a plan for land reform?

if so, what is it?

How do you feel about manufacturing, import or export?

Gerontology - Nobody talks about this one. How will you help the elders in terms of health care?

There are other issues but since these particular ones are the most talked about ones and the most prevalent, I wanted to know how you planned to address them.
Good luck, Madame Manigat.

You must know that my candidate of choice remained still Mr. Charles Henri-Baker.

I respect too much to lie to you.
I believe that he is in a better position right now to help Haiti.

I went over and over his curriculum vitae to find a reason not to give him my vote. I could not find any.
If you don't believe me, check him on facebook.

I love you just the same.

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