Nothing has changed. I don't mind if someone disagree with me...

Marjory Middy - November 10 2010, 5:34 PM

Nothing has changed.

I don't mind if someone disagree with me; but I don't want to be verbally assaulted.

In this case, I will seek legal remedies available to me.
Nadege has her opinion (that she considers facts) and I have mine. Not that she was totally wrong, except that the concept Neoliberalism that she was referring to has no real place in Haiti yet. Although, under that umbrella lots of exploitative measures were taken, especially with the Artibonite Rice with the "Erly Industries", and also of the Creole Pigs.
What I was against is the fact that we don't have large industrial companies yet to truly face true Neoliberalism vs. the U.S. multi-industrialist companies.

We are not competitive yet. All we have so far is just plain economic injustice done mainly by the U.S.
Mr. Baker too suffered from this pseudo Neoliberalism ticket...but he was able to negotiate his way out with some loans and no bitterness.

Above he remains calm about it. Baker had a taste of what the local market and the international markets are all about.

When the International, especially the U.S. market was pushing the exportation of apparels down of our throats, Baker saw an opportunity to advance the Haitian local market and he took it.
Both of two worlds: Baker makes mainly uniforms that Haiti does not need. His manufacturing does not upset the Haitian economy.

It brings money to Haiti without taking away from our natural resources.

We can't say that manufacturing business brings crowded cities.

Port-au-Prince was already crowded since the beginning of the 60's and the 70's with the Haitians peasants coming to Port-au-Prince in search of employment...

Baker's manufacturing was in no competition or monopoly with any local markets since the products were mainly exported...

I am not here to defend anyone.

But social injustice of any kind is repugnant to me.
I am for anybody or anything that will bring peace and prosperity to the Haitian peasants.

In case you did not get it, my name is Middy as in Milice Midi. I am the blackest that you will find even if you look through Africa.

My relatives are very much vodooisants and have nothing to apologized for. We are very black and very much Haitian bourgeoisie.

My generation and that of my peers are for social justice regardless of race and religious affiliation.

I am somewhat sorry for Nadege for I know that she meant well. She just did not know how to go about it. Hope you feel better Nadege.

No hard feelings, just stop cursing people out and we will be fine. We don't need any divisions right now. Haiti needs all of its children, no matter who they are to fight for a new and sustainable regime.

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