Like the others, I will say to hell with you. You are too...

Brian Guernsey - November 9 2010, 9:37 PM

Like the others, I will say to hell with you. You are too narrow minded and foolish.

You cannot drill into people your point of view. They have the right to decide for themselves.

That is FREEDOM.

Your M.O. is outright revolting and racist.

You think that you will redress these poor savages.

You know better.

You may not know the law. You will be held responsible still.

You know, Ignorance is not excuse in front of the law. I can see you in jail right now. You are too stupid to understand what you are facing.You know what nobody will care. No sympathy for a racist.

You are too ignorant to even look up these words that I gave you and began to understand the magnitude of your act -- You have harassed, insulted and assaulted these people.

They do have a case against you. Like I said, I hope the go for it.
In the meanwhile, go cook me some grits and pancake, Aunt Jemima.

I have no respect for you. You are scum.

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