I have seen these people's blogs. Your view is totally...

Brian Guernsey - November 9 2010, 7:08 PM

I have seen these people's blogs.

Your view is totally different from what they were actually saying.

You should take a second look and a third.

You went on a rampage against them. They may think differently than you. It does not give you the right to call anybody "COONS" and "NIGGERS".As a White man, If I said it to you, you would have had NAACP and Al Sharpton and CNN News at my doorstep already.

Shall I start calling all of you people "COONS" and "NIGGERS" with no retaliation?

Like I said before: Check the original definition of "Coons", "Niggers" while you are at it check "Goons", "Gooks" "Chinks" Spiks" "Crakers" "Krouts" Ginneys", "Niks"
I hope these people throw the books at you. You will deserve it.
Do you know how many law suits that have been won on the basis on these words?

If I were you, I would take a look.

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