haitian slave mentality must cease

Nadege - November 9 2010, 5:32 PM

I am a black Haitian, you idiot.


And, as I've said, I call it like it is. If it looks like a coon, it is a coon.

The coonery and buffoonery among many of you Haitians is rather apparent, and my job is to call it out.

The Haitian slave mentality must cease.

We're free now, did you know that?

Freedom means thinking independently and exercising your right to an self-education - meaning seek the facts instead of allowing politicians to sweet talk you. Your body is free, but if you can't think or reason for yourself, then you're still a slave - and a coon.

Now if you want to reply to my argument, then go ahead, if not, then go away. Either way, just go. :-)

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