Dear Brian Guernsey: Please read carefully: I can give a...

Nadege - November 9 2010, 5:26 PM

Dear Brian Guernsey:

Please read carefully:

I can give a raccoon's ass about your opinion as a "white person."

In referring to coons like Marjory and Tiba as coons, I am speaking of the COON CARICATURE of the minstrel shows during the days of slavery and Jim Crow.

Like the coon, Marjory and Tiba don't believe Haitians are ready to be free and self-sufficient, and therefore must rely on transnational sweatshops for survival.

Their jobs is to entertain their masters.

Their thinking is lazy and unsophisticated, and they don't they are ready for ultimate freedom.

According to the two, Haitians must continue to rely on the so-called international community

Instead of advocating for local and permanent infrastructure, they advocate for "free trade," and sweatshops, in other words, a corporo-fascist takeover of Haiti.

Their so-called "credible candidate" is a Haitian oligarch sweatshop owner whose only goal is to strengthen his pocket by conspiring with western and South Korean transnationals to subject Haitians to more slave labor.

Do you understand?

If not, then too bad.

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