Charles Henry Baker Has enhanced business development in Haiti...

Guirlaine St.fleur - November 9 2010, 2:40 PM

Charles Henry Baker Has enhanced business development in Haiti through research of socio-economic and political conditions of international markets, Factors affecting product/service demand and positioning company valuation and competition within given industries.

He has assisted in promoting marketing efforts in haiti.

HE Is an excellent leader in the world of business.

As President of Haiti, I will trust him wholeheartedly.

He is my number one future President of Haiti.

Charles henry Baker est une source de vie pour Haiti et pour les haitiens.

Il est un homme de paix et l'haitien en general aime la tranquilite.

Vivre la nouvelle Haiti, Vivre Charles henry Baker.

Mr.Baker, ce que Dieu garde est bien garde.

Vivre Haiti, Vivre le peuple haitien, vivre Charles Henry Baker.

Moi Guirlaine St. Fleur j'aime beaucoup mon peuple haitien et j'adore mon petit Haiti cheri.

Ainsi j'aime les Etats Unis et mon peuple Americain.

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