I guess the first step to deciding on a supporting a candidate...

Nadege - November 9 2010, 12:59 PM

I guess the first step to deciding on a supporting a candidate is to research their background.

Baker was a member of the Group 184.

Group 184 was created and funded the right wing International Republican Institute - Cronies of George Bush.

Guy Phillipe admitted he was funded by Group 184. Once he admitted it on Haitian radio, the DEA and FBI went after him with the permission of Preval, claiming that he is involved in drug trafficking.

The purpose was to silence him, as he's in Haiti chilling, and recently gave an interview with Al Jazeera.

Apaid and Baker are brothers by law and business partners.

Both are sweatshop owners, and Baker will tell the Haitian people want they want to hear. Unfortunately, many Haitians have fell for his political rhetoric.

Just type in a few keywords in Google and you'll be fine.

Response to:

Do you have any proof to that?


Charles Henri Baker and the Terrorist Group 184

Baker was against Aristide's many attempts to raise the sweatshop wage to a few bucks. Baker was one of the guys who...

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