Your problem is that you're so stuck on arrogance and...

Nadege - November 9 2010, 9:24 AM

Your problem is that you're so stuck on arrogance and stupidity that you can't seem to understand the meaning of a sweatshop.

Maybe you should go educate yourself instead of spending your life on these threads.

Now listen up...I'm going to be kind and give you a short lesson of what a sweatshop is, ok?

A sweatshop - you idiot - is not a building or a factory.

A mechanical engineer can work in a factory while receiving fair pay, respect, and health care and other benefits.

Again, a sweatshop is not merely a physical location, but a deplorable ENVIRONMENT of which a group of people are subjected to deplorable conditions, including unfair pay, long hours, mental and physical abuse, no benefits, ect.


Do you understand, imbecile?

You can work from home for a company it can still be considered a sweatshop.

Again, a sweatshop is an environment, not a physical location.

The Indians who are working in offices, building websites, are working in SWEATSHOPS.


Your attempt to remove issues like "long hours," "worker abuse," and "unfair pay" from sweatshops is like attempting to disassociate rain from the clouds - you just can't, you idiot.

By the way, If you are living in the US, then Harriet Tubman fought for you, too, you ungrateful coon.

And you are even a disgrace to the Haitian freedom fighters who fought and died for you. And today you advocate for the reinstatement of slavery in Haiti.

You should work on building your self esteem.

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Nadege, This will be my last response to your posts...


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