Nadege, This will be my last response to your posts, and...

Tiba - November 9 2010, 6:21 AM


This will be my last response to your posts, and before I leave let me advise you to stop shoving all of that hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza and chicken wings down your throat.

You getting too fat which slows the flow of oxygen to your brain and impair your judgment and your intellect capacity.

Sweatshop was a good thing for Haiti/Haitian then and will be magnificient for Haiti/Haitians today.

Haitians were NOT protesting the presence of sweatshop in Haiti because sweatshop was a bad thing for the country.

As you mentioned, they were protesting working condition and asking for more pay. What's so bad about that?

Don't Haitian workers have the right to ask for more pay for their labor and better working condition?

Workers all over the world do the same thing every single day. American workers protest all the time for better working condition and better pay.

What rock are you living under?

What jungle are you living in?

You keep referring to Hariet Tubman for wanting to be free, to be free for who?

Hariet Tubman was not free for me nor for the Haitian people.

I don't give a rat *ss about Harriet Tubman freedom from slavery.

Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, Capois-la-Mort, Petion, Gefrard, etc. etc..

were the ones who gave you your freedom from slavery.

These are the heroes who gave my freedom and freed the Haitian people from slavery and NOT Harriet Tubman.

In fact, the Haitian people were the ones who taught Harriet Tubman and all the black Americans the importance and the meaning of freedom, how it feels like to be freed from slavery and NOT the other way around.

Pull your fat head out of your (you know what) so you can breath freely and allow oxygen to flow freely to your brain.

I'm done with you!

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