This website must be where all the low-self esteem, no goals...

Nadege - November 8 2010, 8:36 PM

This website must be where all the low-self esteem, no goals having, uneducated, Haitian sheeple love to hang out, because you coons are coming out in full force for your master, Mr. Baker, while attempting to justify his slavery 2.0 plan for Haiti.

Your words are merely a reflection of your lack of vision for yourself and for Haiti.

You, like a typical modern slave, is willing to accept anything.

You are the type of field nigger that criticized folks like Harriet Tubman for wanting to be free. You're the modern type of field nigger - the worst kind.

Since you're so uneducated, and you obviously don't know the meaning of SWEATSHOP, then I'll post it here for you:

Sweatshop = Long hours and no pay.

Sweatshop = Worker abuse

Sweatshop = Physical Abuse

Sweatshop = Child labor

Sweatshop = Loss of sovereignty

Sweatshop = Loss of dignity and respect

Sweatshop = Horrid, inhuman conditions.

Your notion that Haiti needs sweatshop is quite sad pitiful.

And while you were busy sucking your slave-master's scholong, Haitians were protesting the minimum wage and sweatshop conditions last year, when Mr. Baker and Mr. Apaid and a few others were fighting and conspiring with the transnationals to keep the slavery going in the country.

If you believe 1.90 per day can feed a person regardless of where they live in the world, then I suggest you go take the time to educate yourself.

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Nadege, I have a strong feeling you were an abused...


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