Nadege, I have a strong feeling you were an abused, neglected...

Tiba - November 8 2010, 6:20 PM


I have a strong feeling you were an abused, neglected child; and you have been mistreated badly by men as well because you're showing too many signs of "Bipolar" disorders.

There is nothing else that could justify the reason for all of that anger, resentment, hatred, but most importantly the level of your moronic ignorance.

Admit that politics is not an area that you can understand.

You've been running your mouth with no substance and potraying yourself as if you're a scholar.

I think you are way over reaching.

I can tell you're living outside of Haiti.

You have the privilege to have a job and to shove hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken wings and pizza down your throat every day, and therefore, you can see "Sweatshops" in Haiti as a bad thing.

I am taking care of a bunch of people in Haiti because of the absence of sweatshops.

Haiti has become a welfare state because of the absence of sweatshops.

Haitians are hungry because of the absence of sweatshops.

Haitian cannot send their children to school and provide for their families because of the absence of sweatshops.

Haiti needs sweatshops and every factory possible.

Sweatshops and factories mean "JOBS" for those who want to work and become self-sufficient, independent.

Work/Job/employment is freedom.

As it stands now the masses in Haiti are all slaves because they have no jobs to provide for themselves.

They are depended on the diaspora for their survival.

If the Haitian people had to measure cadidates on honesty, Haiti would never have a government because they are all thieves, scamers, criminals, corrumpt, incompetent and mediocre.

Unfortunately, there must be a government and Charles Henry Baker should be the head of that government.

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