If Haiti does not have an open platform as you claim, then...

Nadege - November 8 2010, 10:16 AM

If Haiti does not have an open platform as you claim, then what's the point of an ELECTION in the first place?

Despite Haiti's unfortunate political past, the country, thanks to the countless folks who stood up for democracy, the country has made great strides.

You're just content with being a passively ignorant, low-class, uneducated coon who is content with the status quo.

The fact is you are blissfully aiding and abetting the cycle of corruption and tyranny that Haiti has endured for the past two centuries or so. You are like those slaves who faulted Harriet Tubman for wanting to be free.

Surely, many of those running for president don't have political pasts, but many have been involved in politics one way or another, and it's important to look at their pasts, regardless if it's in business or politics.

In the case of your master, Charlito Baker:

He is a sweatshop owner with ties with the CIA and other criminal organizations / Western transnationals that are dedicated to the enslavement of the Haitian mass via sweatshops, police suppression, and other forms of tyranny.

Mr. Baker could care less about the Haitian mass, and you are just another slave to him. Like a smooth talking, low-life cheating man, who simply wants to get inside of your pants, he will tell you what you want to hear.

You see, the ignorant one, before a drug is introduced to the market, it must be researched extensively to make sure it does not kill people.

Vioxx wasn't researched properly, as the Merck relied on false research studies, so it killed TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

Before a car is introduced to the market, it must be researched and tested in order to avoid danger.

Before a crib is introduced to the market, it must be inspected and tested.

Before a freggin' politician is voted for the people, he / she must be researched and scrutinized to avoid

Do you understand, or you're just content in being an uneducated buffoon?

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