Nadege, My! my! my! This is what Haiti gets when debating with...

Tiba - November 8 2010, 9:32 AM


My! my! my!

This is what Haiti gets when debating with a small pea brain like you about politics.

Do you think anything about "critical Thinking" theory?

Obviously not!

Haiti doesn't have a "Modern Politics" that is open and inclusive.

This is NOT a government by the people and for the people where candidates feel obligated to give reasons why the public must vote for them. In a word, candidates in Haitian politics do not run on what's called a "Platform/Agenda/Plan/Program".

You seem to be hallucinating, my dear!

Haitian politicians/candidates run purely and simply on "Name Recognition".

I can tell that you, personally, are supporting and ready and willing to vote for a candidate purely and simply on "name recognition" only because none of these candidate has a political track records to decide on.

I suspect that politics is way to complicated for you to understand.

It's way over your head.

Always remember for how's as you live that Emotion, Resentments and Politics just don't go togheter.

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