RE: Jude Celestin Haiti

Giovanni Guerrier - November 8 2010, 9:27 AM

Jude is not the man for the we're tired with those kind of politics being there as a director from the CNE does not you'll have the capacity to take the destinity of a nation who have many problems like Education, health care, jobs creation, reform for the public administration, reconstruction for a new Haiti after the disaster of January 12,2010.In fact you can be a technician but not someone who has the qualification to bring people together because this needs someone who can bring them in the table to reconcile and forget about whatever happening before, if you can it will be easy for you to make the haitian people happy with way they live now, you'll need to understand the message of M. Ghandi to the Indian Nation sixty years after, but Ghandi always dreams for a country with a special interest, not with a large diversity because that with emergence of the new which is the world of globalisation and modernisation with new rules and new technology, clear energy, as we know our country have a lot of uranium, gas,etc....Do you have what he takes with five years to get the job done, and he would be easier for you another ten years to come forward as a candidate .What do you think if you would make the decision to run for a seat at the Haitian senate because is not a job where you can think just like when you play poker, but to me thid id a job where they said "Diriger c'est Prevoir"do you think you have the audacity to this nation and reconcile them and accomplish all the thinks we need for the good of this people who been suffering so long in the poverty in Haiti...

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