Mr. Baker is a millionaire sweatshop owner with ties to the...

Nadege - November 8 2010, 8:55 AM

Mr. Baker is a millionaire sweatshop owner with ties to the CIA and Western multinationals.

Please, guys, research him before you all fall for his rhetoric.

Aristide did promise the world, but faced two internationally-sponsored coup-d'etats, cut off of vital aid, international sanctions,

Despite the political terror / paid informants against him, he started the Aristide Foundation for Democracy, he established a partnership with Cuban doctors who not only helped thousands of Haitians study in Cuba, but were and still are present after the earthquakes.

He established a literacy program for adult Haitians, and cut the illiteracy rate by 30 percent.

He mandated that 20 percent of the national budget goes to education.

He subsidized school uniforms and other school necessities.

This is not it, however.

He's done for Haiti in a few years than the rest have done for Haiti in 200 years.

The destruction of Haiti relies on perpetual ignorance.

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this man is everything but a millionaire....One thing...


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