Nadege, Maybe if you get off your high horses you might just...

Tiba - November 8 2010, 6:21 AM


Maybe if you get off your high horses you might just learn something.

Unfortunately, you know nothing about "Human Relation" concept.

And yes, I did say and I'm going to repeat it again, "I know NOTHING about Charles Henry Baker" other than he is a mulatto and a member of the elite; and nor that I know anything about the other dark skin candidates.

Well, I know of Michel Martely (Sweet Mikey) as a musician/entertainer and that's about it.

I care more about a president that the international can relate to better for the sake of Haiti, and Charles Henry baker is more like the one.

You claimed Charles Baker is a member of the "crime oligarchy" in Haiti, so are the other candidates.

You don't want me to rpotect Charles Baker's wealth but you seem ready and willing to help the other candidates to get rich overnight just because they happen to have dark skin?

Nadege, my dear, this is politics and not a romantic relationship.

In politics you learn to negotiate.

I am negotiating Charles Baker's skin color and his elite status for the good of Haiti.

Negotiation is an art in politics that you will never understand.

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