One Credible Candidate for Haiti!

Tiba - November 7 2010, 5:08 PM

First and foremost, thank you to all those who responded to my last message "Give me a Reason to keep Hope".

Chapo ba a nou tout!

In my opinion, Charles Henry Baker seems to be "The" most credible candidate to take Haiti to the promised land.

I don't know Charles Henry Baker from Adam to Eve, but I am throwing all my support behind him, and here's why. I know a lot of people is against him purely and simply because he is "Mulatto and an Elite".

And frankly, these are the very reasons why I am supporting him for president.

It is time that Haitians start viewing the mulattoes as enemies and start taking advantage of them for the greater good of Haiti.

Let's embrasse the philosophy of the old saying "If you can't beat them join them".

With Charles Henry Baker, we have a mulatto and a member of the elite as president, which means:

1) Finally the international community would feel more comfortable to work with someone who looks like them. Whether you want to believe it or not, people relate better with their own, those who look like them and share the same skin color, ethnicity,'s a matter of human behavior.

2) Being an elite himself, Charles Henry Baker will be in a much better position to rally the elite class to help move Haiti forward.

He knows how the elite think, they understand each other and they more likely to trust Charles Baker.

Haitians need to understand the simple fundamental premise of politics, which is "The white world interacts and works better with white".

They watch each other's back. And this is the reality!

It's nothing personal.

This is not about you and I. We need to start taking advantage of every opportunity for the betterment of Haiti.

Leave our emotion at the door. This is about Haiti.

Charles Henry Baker is in a much better position to gain the international's and the elite's attention to save Haiti.

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Jean says...

Could he rally the elite without being the president? more »

Daniel Bougherra says...

No, He needs to be in charge. He needs to be responsible to answer questions when and if there are faux pas. He needs to be the head of state to... more »

Nadege says...

This field nigger mentality is not what Haiti needs, my dear. You have admitted that you know nothing about Mr. Baker, yet you feel he should govern... more »

Tiba says...

Nadege, Maybe if you get off your high horses you might just learn something. Unfortunately, you know nothing about "Human Relation" concept. And... more »

Nadege says...

Dear Tiba: Thinking small gets you high off of ignorance. Unlike you, I'm not ready to endorse other candidates if I know nothing about them, or if... more »

Tiba says...

Nadege, My! my! my! This is what Haiti gets when debating with a small pea brain like you about politics. Do you think anything about "critical... more »

Nadege says...

If Haiti does not have an open platform as you claim, then what's the point of an ELECTION in the first place? Despite Haiti's unfortunate political... more »

Tiba says...

Nadege, I have a strong feeling you were an abused, neglected child; and you have been mistreated badly by men as well because you're showing too... more »

Nadege says...

This website must be where all the low-self esteem, no goals having, uneducated, Haitian sheeple love to hang out, because you coons are coming out... more »

Frederic says...

Wowwwwwwwww You say it all Brother.I am a Negro Haitian.You nail it in the head I hope every Haitian reads it. more »