You are saying what you said because you do not understand...

Dieufaite St. Fleur - November 6 2010, 11:08 PM

You are saying what you said because you do not understand basic economics.

Baker is a businessman, he brings JOBS to the Haitian people.

Good! I hope Baker will be able to bring ALL the FACTORY JOBS he can put his hands on for Haiti.

Clothing business is big business and that could translate into lots of jobs for Haiti.

Most Haitians, because of economics, buy for a good part, second hand clothes, like most poor countries.

It stands to reason, those clothes better be sold foreign countries so that Haiti can benefit from the products SOLD.
Exportation is very good for any country.

You should worry MORE about products that Haiti is buying from oversees.

Products that are being purchased from other countries to be consumed in Haiti.

This is one of Haiti's problem...

Yes, you are right with manufacturing comes pollution, Haiti will not be an exception, this is the side-effect of a developing country.

Baker is doing whatever he can to salvage the most he can from Haiti.

You guys should be with him to help make our country better instead of talking about unjustified talk or outright lies.

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