President Rene Preval I am feeling today at the paroxism of...

Guirlaine St.fleur - November 6 2010, 3:37 PM

President Rene Preval I am feeling today at the paroxism of sadness due to such horrible and most detestable news. I have great admiration for both you and Charles Henry Baker according to my mother's words from her heart.

It's horrible and very ugly. Politics is like the lottery, you can win or you can lose. VIOLANCE to me is uncivilized.

I love you and I love Mr, Baker because we are Haitians, Do you want me to CRY, to be SAD, Stop the VIOLENCE.

It's UGLY very Ugly. Le destin de l"homme est entre les mains de Dieu du Firmament.

Yes indeed you and Mr. Baker can debate even harshly but Violence which can bring unfortunate circumstances is a NO, NO NO etc.I DEMAND a Peaceful and Very Clean Campaign.

I Am Proud To Be A Haitian/American Born in Gonaives Haiti.

I consider both You and Mr. Baker to be my friends.

Please Run A Clean Campaign and Electoral Votes.Show the World that we are the first Black Free Nation since 1804. You are two reputable men in the Haitian Society.

Remember also that DESTINY is a reality and not a fictituos word.Both of you can run fiercely with Dignity.

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