What is in all the candidate basket

Jean - November 5 2010, 7:59 PM

So far it is all routine or traditional when i look at the campaign.

No transparency, I think the candidates are just throwing words.

Guess what! what you say can come back against you if you did not get your words from a plan.Meaning, the candidates never relate how they are going to accomplish what they are saying.The country has a lot of problems now as usual but worst after January 12, 2010. One thing to remember 60% of the budget relies on overseas.

Candidates never talk about that.Also the duo-citizenship is a necessity for Haiti because too many haitians are living overseas now, candidates do not talk about that either.

We need to wake them up. Candidates please open to new ideas.

Build a website (email box) for people to read your program and share ideas with you. Other than that you are going to fail like the previous ones when you get to power.

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Jean says...

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