This is not political fall out for the Ex-priminister...

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - November 4 2010, 10:14 PM

This is not political fall out for the Ex-priminister, contrary to the fact this is the essence of courageous man. I have never said anything about Mr. Yvon Neptune, but now, I believe that he is a man of Dignity and chatacter for telling the truth.

In any other countries in the world, afraid of been targeting for speaking the truth is nothing short of a helpless person in the dean of the lion. He had rather lose an election than to be the slave of your conscience.

Haitians, my brothers and sisters, wake up and sape up to raise the standard of our country.

Mr. Ex-Priminister, congratulation for taking the stand even at the last minute, for your life would be in danger if forthtold the truth.

God bless you, and you keep up the fight for a free Republic Democratic of Haiti.However, I feel the necessity to anticipate my voice for this election, so Let join hands together with Mrs. Mirelande Manigat, one that has a clean dosier hoping to create job, busted the economy, create a free education system for all Haitians, and restore order to move forward.

If I dont speak for my people, their voices will not be heard.

Haitians love one another, and we can accomplish many great things.

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