Baker, candidat de confiance

Patcheko... - November 2 2010, 6:54 PM

Toute la diaspora Ha

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Guy Comeau says...

Anyone who is NOT behind Charles Henri Baker does not have Haiti at heart and cannot possibly be HAITIAN. We are ALL angry about past political... more »

Jb says...

Please tell me which Presidential Candidate in Haiti that we know of was financially well off before they became President. Who? They are all... more »

Oli P says...

at Gui comeau Well said... Baker has proven it to us more than enough especially in the past month. It is during crisis we see the true colors of... more »

Lovedache says...

Nou oblije kwe` nan Baker pou byen Timoun yo. Li pa selman ap di li pral fe` ap ede pep la plenyen men li di men koman li pral fe` e koman li ka fe... more »