Haitian all over the world I am begging you to call your...

William Jusme - November 1 2010, 9:33 AM

Haitian all over the world I am begging you to call your family back home and tell them about Charles Baker.

I don't know the man, but you can see he is capable.

He has run a successful business despite of all the adversity he has encountered in Haiti.

We need people like him in this difficult time. I am a veteran in United States Navy.

I know why he believes we need our Military Force back. Minista is a serious threat to Haiti.

They will leave thousands of kids with no fathers in our country.

The women in Haiti open themselves to the Minista men because of a couple dollars, of course, they have no other choice.

What will happen when the Minista is gone?

What will happen to all these kids with no fathers?

We already have this problem already in the black community.

Men go everywhere sleep with women for a dollar and these poor women end up with babies for that dollar.

When are going to say no to that?

When are we going to lift the spirit of our women so they know that they can find a job if they are seeking one?

So they know if no jobs are available, at least, we have a food bank system where those women with children can be assisted.

This is humanity.

We must make our women feel that they have other options that are available to them. They do not have to sleep with no men for a couple dollars

Every time I go to Haiti, when I see the way my people are living, it makes me wonder sometimes whether or not God is watching over my people as well. May be he knows why. I am getting frustrated.

Haitians here me and here me well

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