William Jusme - October 24 2010, 10:37 PM

Is there any conclusion yet on the investigation regarding the situation in Artibonite.

The things I would suggest to look into are dead fishes and other dead species in the water.

I would analyze the water for chemical waste and pollution.

200 hundred years ago People were drinking the dirty water from the river.

I was drinking it too 24 years ago. The river was the only source of drinking water that was available to us. To day, it is the same way. According to my research with a group of business partners, $139,000,000.00 would be more than enough to place wells all over Haiti where people live. 50 years ago, Dominican Republic was not in route to development.

Now, they are building factories, chemical plants, power plants and more. Do they have a disposal waste management program in place?

If they don

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