charlito backer for president

Kelly Villate - October 24 2010, 7:43 PM

ou fin pale papi, this guy shows what A real leader is about, a leader who cares for his pple and country, a leader who's working hard to change the face of his homeland, he kows our problem and willing to deal with them. Am telling you all if haitian pple does not elect this guy, that will mean they dont know what they want, this is the first tikme we have this type of leader.

I guarantee all my fellows haitians, our country will change under baker administration.

yes we can, vote baker, vote change, vote education, vote everything a country can dream of.

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Manigat ka bon moun, men li pap ka fe sa Charles...


Viv Mirlande Manigat prezidan

Nan tout kandida sa yo, mwen idantifye 2 moun: Madan Manigat ak Alexis Jean Edouard nan konpetans men pa bliye Alexis...

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