RE: Earl Wheby

Robert - October 19 2010, 2:30 AM

Haiti should have listen to Wheby to avoid all the anarchy and killings and rapes and anarchy that is now going on in Haiti confirming the demise of the nation and the need to keep thousands of U.N. troops in the country as the U.S. has not given the first penny toward reconstruction as U.S. funds now need to go to fight Muslims in various countries except Saudi Arabia which is where the militant brand of Islam is taught and spread from! By engaging in sarcastic and nasty comments against those who offered to help it has resulted in them retracting their offers of assistance and supporting all the new anti immigration candiates running for office in the U.S. Now politicians in Florida are saying that Florida needs laws like AZ. so they can send all the Haitian boat people back home to help with the clean up as there are no jobs for them in the U.S. and they expect the American taxpayers to cover their hospital bills, etc. but make no mistake the American economy is not in a postion to fund and support thousands of freeloaders from Haiti!

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