Who cares whether the next president of Haiti is black or...

Marcel N. Joseph - October 18 2010, 1:19 PM

Who cares whether the next president of Haiti is black or white?

We need somebody to help change the way things are going there right now. In my opinion, Mr. Baker cannot be president of Haiti because he is among the business personalities that do not respect worker's right.

A man who refuses to pay his employee a descent rage is not morally inclined to rule the country.

Mr. Baker is among the group that destroys local production to favor importation.

Haiti always has a budget crisis because the country imports more than it exports.

People who are working in Baker's factories are sometimes treated like slaves.

An employee who worked for Baker for many years was hired without compensation.

What kind of president this man will be if he cannot treat his own employee with respect and dignity.

We remember Andy and his Group 184 during the events that sent Anarchist Aristide in exile.

I hope the Haitian people choose somebody other than Baker and right man hand Andy. Let take a look at other candidates.

Mr. Alexis destroyed the State University to promote privately owned University Quisqueya.

He knew for majority of students who finish high school that State University is the only hope they have to achieve their higher education goals.

Also, the stand Alexis took during the food crisis two years was shameful.

Mrs. Marnigat, a senator who could not sear and talk with constituents does not deserve to hold a higher office in the country because she is an elitist who sees herself as superior to others.

When somebody is president, he or she is the president of everyone and he or she should have no problem meeting or talking with people at all level in the society.

Mr. Celestin is morally too unstable to lead the country.

He is a man who had sex with 99.9% of women working in CNE. In a Celestin administration, the National Palace will become a palace for Playboys, and this kind behavior will bring more harm to the country.

We need somebody that will promote and favor Haiti's interest, and anything of the ones I mention will do that. Among all of these evil figures, I will choose the lesser evils that are the Voltaire or Martelly.

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