Haiti dont even has money to afford herself an election with...

Brezil - October 12 2010, 11:51 AM

Haiti dont even has money to afford herself an election with many outlaws running for being presedent.

They suppose to use this money to built houses for the victims of the earthquake.

We all know that country on the Third World dont ever have election, always have selection for domination.

No matter what we cant escape in the plan of the international, cause we cant even afford the elections for ourselfs.

It is time to think over. we all will understand the position of Prevel in the nearest futur.

Cause the globalisation is on its way, no one cant stop them from doing it. I beg your pardon if you dont understand now, If the cruelty of this life dont get you down, tomorrow you all will comprehend it is time to a new world order.

Now it is beneath your heads, becareful! cause what you do to day will be the aftermath for tomorrow.

conscience reign but it doesn

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