WOW! We are nasty, and this is why Sweet Mickey pulled down...

Josy - October 12 2010, 12:42 AM

WOW! We are nasty, and this is why Sweet Mickey pulled down his pants on stage.

You need to reply in French, or English and I do not read Creole.

You should be able to pick up English quicker if you do not speak French, because your brain is less crowded and need to write in English.

Sweet Mickey if filthy rich, and he is not worried about your negative comments about him. I rather have him as president instead of the crooks in suits, and ties who are speaking French.

He is an artist, and an entertainer.

We should not use his stage act against him, and he deserves a fair chance.

He has his own money, and will not be stealing the country's money like past leaders.

There is no use for foul language on this site, and we are all entitle to our opinions.

We are in the USA, and do not have to worry about getting killed for our thoughts.

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You know something, let him be the president of your...

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