There may not be an election this coming November? Really? and...

Bernadette - October 11 2010, 10:29 PM

There may not be an election this coming November?


and Le Peuple will let that happen?

Preval is playing with fire. One should never tested to the maximum limit people who have absolutely NOTHING to lose.This is not too smart of Preval:But then again we never accused him of being smart.

Unless Hilary and U.S. Congress have any proofs of Preval's alleged misconduct, on what basis are they taking such a drastic measure?

Can they legally do it?

Now, this is not donation money which has a different legal ruling.

The five Million U.S. dollars were supposedly a firm promised money that Haiti is counting on to hold a democratically elected President.

If U.S. is concerned and there is no tangible answers from the Preval Administration, then, election has to be proceed differently.

Remember Haiti is a Republic, and the president is elected by the people.

Then, the people should have a Plan B.

The people should elect foreign third parties to hold the money, for instance
Bill Clinton, George Bush and company.


The people should elect an organization to plan the electoral process like booths and office supplies...

The people should ask for help with foreign military services to assure the safety of the voters.

They should be placed throughout the country and where the voting booths are.
The people can make sure that excluded political parties vote including Fanmi Lavalas by providing them police protection
The people can make sure that voters go by numbers as a form of identification.

They should be stamped with an ink that is not readily washed right away on the forehead or forearms.

To make it very simple, Number 1 should be the starting number to whatever the end number is in each and every community where the voting booths are.
Preval should be given a time limit to answer the people.

If he does not answer, then they should start plan B.
I think Preval will play dead again, like he did after the Quake.

I will be very surprise if Preval answers to anyone.

What surprises me though is that U.S. always referred to Haiti as the most politically corrupted country in the world!
What makes them think Preval was going to run a smooth election?

Will the lection run?

I hope so. It will give a sense of accomplishment and hope to the people.

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