Shut your pathetic beak up, earl!!! What about telling your...

Dave - October 11 2010, 2:27 PM

Shut your pathetic beak up, earl!!! What about telling your racist government whose agenda is to keep us undeveloped, so that they can find a reason to keep coming to Haiti and steal our natural resources.

Did you every coup d'etat that had occurred in Haiti were orchestrated by your f***ing government.

Unfortunately, we have some power hungry, and heartless Haitians who have to share the blame as they are the ones carrying out the U.S. dirty work for them. You backstabbers aren't better than anyone.

This is a Haitian website.

You are not wanted here, moron!!! Until we have someone in power that can stand up and keep those hypocrites out of our business, they will always dictate our the country is ran.

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