This is the right man for the country. We have suffered enough...

Garry Destin - October 10 2010, 9:01 PM

This is the right man for the country.

We have suffered enough from our own hate and racism.

From Papa Doc to Preval they used used food and hate to buy votes then turn Haiti into beggars.

Now we have someone who wants to offer the young Haiti a chance please don't let your racism stand in the way. we have already destroyed Haiti so move on and let the young kids get a chance.

If we give him the chance, there will be no more Negre Noir, Mulatre Negre Morne and Negre la ville but we will be all Haitians.

A damn well educated people will not leave for bread alone anymore but for the benefits of humankind.

We can travel, we can dream of touching the moon or even farther a far as Mars...

With that thinking, Food and water will come easy because we will develop our own survival technology.

But with people like Preval's thinking, we will always leave for food till we go instinct or if I should say "A once up a time people.

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