There has never been a presidential election in Haiti where...

Harry Laurenceau - October 9 2010, 2:28 PM

There has never been a presidential election in Haiti where the label of "First Real Election In Haiti" can frankly apply including the current presidential election, nor will there be one in the near future worth of that label.

The facts speak for themselves.

There are two categories of presidential candidates in the 2010 Haiti presidential elections.

1. Those candidates that just come out of the blue and are more motivated by the title of President of Haiti without grasping the responsibility of being a true president of a nation.

They have no solid agenda.

The prognostics are if they get to sit on the presidential chair, their presidency would be mediocre, and ridiculous.

2. Those other candidates that reveal themselves from under the shelves they were hidden are more likely to be duplicates of past Haitian governments.

Their agenda would be based on lies because their overall standpoint is masked by false political appearance.

They want to be president to bring glory to their current status.

If they get to be president, they would simply lazily sit there and would not really want to be bothered with real responsibilities.

The first real election in Haiti need be a democratic election resulting in an democratic government that moves Haiti from under-development physically, socially, and psychologically.

Unfortunately, there is not even an actual Haitian presidential candidate (publicly known or unforeseen) that can apply real leadership in its excellence for a true and lasting democracy in Haiti, and in all existing domains in Haiti.

One can only profess that to have a responsible democratic Haitian government, all the following must apply.

That government must:
1. Get elected by a large public vote.
2. Have plans and programs for true development.

3. Not promote what is common in dishonest governments: Scandals, turbulence, murder, unlawfulness, extortion, treason, satanism, falsehood, and abuse.

4. Stand confident in an auto-government agenda, in other words, capable of self-governing and delivering governmental responsibilities.

That implies it should not be a copy-cat of any past or current national or international governments.

5. Must not keep the mass in ignorance through illiteracy, and dictatorship.

6. Intentionally promote what is not the least of this list: Christianity throughout the Haitian territory.

After all these criteria are met and applied in any decade, then I will say that we had had the first real election in Haiti that truly had delivered.

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