P.S Mr baker, if you ever become President, I have no doubt...

Miggy - October 8 2010, 10:52 PM

Mr baker,
if you ever become President, I have no doubt that my questions above will be the exact expectations that the people of Haiti will EXPECT AND HOLD AGAINST YOU. These will determine whether you were a good person or a bad person who was just there to collect high paycheck with no intentions of RESUSCITATING YOUR COUNTRY FROM DEATH.

It's not that you can not do it. It's about whether you will do it. WILL YOU DO IT

If you do all these things for Haiti if you ever become president.

I will personally GO OUT ON STRIKE in Haiti to petition A DAY OFF HOLIDAY WITH YOUR "FULL NAME, where all schools and Government businesses to be closed which Haiti will call "THE CHARLES HENRY BAKER DAY" just like Martin Luther King day in America.

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Another question to you Mr. Baker 8) Will you...

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