I said that I will not talk anymore because they had let...

Miggy - October 8 2010, 7:21 PM

I said that I will not talk anymore because they had let WYCLEF go, but the love that I have for my country and the poor Haitians who live in it is greater than my silence.

I am interested on hearing from Mr. Baker because, he is showing such a great strength within him, the fact that he ran before in 2006.
I tend to develop admiration for people with great positive determination as long that you are not a criminal you know.

He appears to possess a great passion to start helping Haiti.

Was it a change of heart?

Who knows?

It would be very interesting to see if Mr. Baker will answer these questions below with great details and explanation in an orderly manner.

Thank you in advance!

My questions to you Mr. Charles Henry Baker are:

1) Will you implement a WELFARE SYSTEM for the poor and the disabled?

(reason for the welfare system question is because, due to poverty and hunger.

Haiti has lost many great minds either by death with preventable diseases or they left and flew out of the country.

These bright people shouldn't have had to loose their lives or leave their beloved country literally against their will due to harsh situations, while many others are in line to have the same fate, because of what hunger have done and doing to their bodies with many members of their families.

That is why a welfare system is in place in all countries around the world in order to provide the basic needs like food, and shelter, clothings to their people in order to maintain THE BEST RESOURCES A COUNTRY CAN HAVE ARE (ITS PEOPLE, ITS PEOPLE, AGAIN ITS PEOPLE SIR).

Again, will you implement a WELFARE SYSTEM?

2) Will you implement a TAX SYSTEM for Haiti?

Reason for the tax system question is because, No country can EVER or WILL NEVER PROGRESS without a tax system.

The tax collected are for the government to spend on built and MAINTAIN roads, public clinics, hospitals, landmarks, Hotels or Motels for vacationers and outside grandchildren of Haiti around the world to come and learn about who we are as people and to collect revenues from their spending as resources to give back to the people, a security force like an army and local security forces in all ten department to keep peace.

Museums in all ten departments, to clean our beaches, Public Libraries and schools with updated techniques to help educate and strengthen the next and future generations in order to compete as a country in the world sir.
Additionally on tax system.

A TAX SYSTEM with laws in place prevents abuse from insiders and outsiders of other countries to just come and open businesses, sell, sell,sell to our people who have work so hard for what they have earned and make huge profits and get out WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT).

Their is no circle of wealth in Haiti sir.
Right now in Haiti, if you have $20 and spend it. This $20 will never comes back to you because their is no tax system or welfare system to retain at least a portion of it to reward it back to you based on your earning.

That means you can only use any resource you have earned ONCE which is unacceptable.

To me, that is comparable to a different form of SLAVERY.

Every nation use their resources over and over and over again sir. You are a well traveled man and lived outside Haiti.

I have no doubt that you know what I am talking about sir. Again, will you implement a TAX SYSTEM?

3) Will you implement a FISCAL, LOAN program with a low interest rate (Not the 40% interested rate), but very low interest rate in order to borrow money to the people of Haiti who want to go into businessrs for themselves in order to create JOBS in the country?

Reason for the LOAN question is because, their no way on earth a country can have jobs without many business in place in order for its people to go to work. By the way, to have a job means you are taking care of your country's needs through your job assignments.

Again, will you implement a BUSINESS LOAN SYSTEM?

4) Will you implement an AGRICULTURAL program with TOOLS in order for the people Haiti to start producing again?

Reason for the AGRICULTURAL question is because, Haiti is one of the best peace of producing land in the world.

Every country knows it. Its fruit (OMG) like mangoes, cachiman, zaboka, sugar cane, Bananas, potatoes,pois congo, mais ect...

are the sweetest in the world.

That is why FRANCE became rich from Haiti.

Haiti can get back to health from its fruits and vegetables alone sir. Again, will you implement an AGRICULTURAL SYSTEM?

Thank you.

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