There are people who are competent and honest at whatever work...

Alister Wm Macintyre - October 5 2010, 8:41 PM

There are people who are competent and honest at whatever work it is they do.
There are people who are competent at getting their news out to mainstream news media, or to the community of people working on Haiti Relief (e.g. thru UN Relief Web).

There are people who are competent at getting people to donate money for their alleged charitable organization.

Generally speaking these are 3 different groups of people.

There is a small overlap.

The vast majority of high quality NGOs in Haiti are hurting for funding because their competence is not in raising funds.

$ Millions if not much more has been donated to help Haiti, which really has gone for pornography, real estate speculation, child slavery, wonderful salaries, but not help Haiti needs.

Look at the alleged land owners in Haiti who are trying to evict tent city dwellers, who have been robbed of their housing and jobs by the quake, robbed of their meager possessions and dignity by the thug-gangs.

Those people trying to evict them ...

95% of those people have fraudulent claims to the land they trying to evict them from.

There's crooks all over the place.

A UN audit found some guys were siphoning UN money to pay for terrorist operations.

The UN did not have authority to fire them, reported them to their home nation, which did nothing.

Some of those guys are now running operations in Haiti.

But just because there are crooks all over the place, does not mean that everyone is a crook.

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