Remember that in Germany, Hitler was elected to office, but...

Alister Wm Macintyre - October 5 2010, 8:08 PM

Remember that in Germany, Hitler was elected to office, but the nation was not what we would call democratic and freedom for the Jews and some other sub-groups of that society.

In USA until the Civil Rights movement, Negroes were second class citizens.

Ditto in South Africa until Apartheid was eliminated.

Similarly, in Haiti not everyone is equal, many lose their election freedoms, but there is still a democracy there, for the elites.

Here's a list of Haitian presidents thru history.

Note how many of them had their Presidency end in violence.

military coup

filled in temporarily because something bad had happened to the real President

What does it say about a nation when it is extremely rare that the President remains in office until replacement is elected, then is able to live out rest of life free of harassment?

All through history, the democratic nations have had sub-groups of citizens who were down-trodden, but the nations were still called democratic.

When the USA was founded, women did not have the vote, people who did not own land could not vote, native American Indians did not have a vote, but the nation was still labeled democratic.

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Obviously this is a false statement, i am not agree...

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