Obviously this is a false statement, i am not agree with it, i...

Tomy - October 4 2010, 5:01 PM

Obviously this is a false statement, i am not agree with it, i hate the Aristide government more than any government that ever take place that i am aware of my knowlegde, i hate it more than this preval actual government but honestly if i have to mention a democatic election, i would say, the first election that put Aristide to power first time was a real democratic one.

but this one?

nahhhh, it will not be, i don't beleive in it, but i am agrre with one thing from your friend comment, Woodring, I am not too happy with the short periode myself, but he is danm right, if it gets longer, the candida with the most money or at least the one who have money and want to invest in buying voters and all kind of other shit would win, like, (ou konnen tankou moune ki al vote pou haran sort ak clairin), gin anpil moune haiti ki vote yo pa konnen pou ki sa yo vote. ENOUGH O MY CRAP

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