Yo, dude, this is NOT what Baker or the Baker Movement is all...

Gille - October 4 2010, 1:02 PM

Yo, dude, this is NOT what Baker or the Baker Movement is all about.

We are looking forward to heal together.

We are looking to include every Haitian.

We do not want divisibility anymore.

We want to work and live peacefully together.

Black, Mulatto or White: We are all Haitians.

We need to mend our differences so that we ALL can put our resources together to salvage our Haiti Cherie.

This is what Baker is all about.

Blacks, Mulattoes and Whites won the Haitian War of Independence fair and square.

The Blacks have always been the majority from the beginning of our history.

I don't see why that has to changed.

Although through Haitian History the Blacks have and always tried to eliminate Mulattoes and Whites...This is why they are a small minority of 10%.

Whites and Mulattoes, in general, are not destroyers, they are builders and
positive thinkers...

Haiti truly needs a change.

Let us not continue business as usual.

Let us look for a different horizon.

It is time that we move forward!!!

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thank u and that;s what i meant, i know exactly what...

those of you who are telling me to vote Baker don't...

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