Kelly Villate, are you really such a pathetic, brainless human...

Gabby - October 4 2010, 11:53 AM

Kelly Villate, are you really such a pathetic, brainless human being?

You sound more absurd and uneducated than a person with a learning disability.

Really, black people are the problems in Haiti!!! And you think whites or mulattoes are the answer?

Wasn't cedras, and namphy mulattoes who were carrying out the agenda of the three power countries that want Haiti to stay underdeveloped?

And do you know why that is?

The rationale is if we, Haitians, the first independence black nation can gain our independence and demonstrate that we can prosper and govern our land, it will echo louder around the world than any other black or Hispanic former-colonies.

If you have any brain, you'll know what that would signify! Haiti's problems are not pertaining to black, mulatto, or white Haitians, but rather greed, selfishness, and power-hunger.

Go educate yourself! You'll do yourself a great deal of favor by doing so. You really sound pathetic and educated!!!

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thank, am sure am educated enough, my ansewrs always...

Blacks in Haiti are responsible for most of the...

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