If this years election will produce a carbon copy of francois...

Yo El - October 4 2010, 9:36 AM

If this years election will produce a carbon copy of francois Duvalier and his tonton macoute then We will consider the elections a success.

Even If It Is a female candidate that wins, If she would be a copy of Francois Papa doc Duvalier and can produce and exact copy of his tonton macoute.then the elections would have been a success.

If not, the kidnapping, rape,theft, and murder will continue the gangs will continue the same mess all over again.when I was down in haiti In march and april of 1981
And met and married my perfect femme de carrefour marie kettely haiti te sweet (dous) and that was during the rein of jean claude not his papa Francois Duvalier.can you imagine how sweet haiti was doing Francois Duvalier.

By the way marie Kettely Is still the best and sweetest person In the world.she Is my angel.tout tan neg sa di merci gran met la pou sa carrefour te bam mouin my marie kettely.

P.S.By the way If you are looking for the perfect wife and future mom of your kids you can find her In haiti or among the bon femme aysin In the dispora.

all It takes Is patience.

treat her nice, respect her, provide for her and do not abuse her In anyway or form and you will have no regrets.

varooom M'ale I'm gone.

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